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Our new Creative Course is based on the sculptor, Henry Moore. Often recognized as one of Britain's best artists, Henry loved shapes and forms especially of the human figure. The reclining figure was particularly important to him and he returned to this theme again and again.

We looked at his drawings as well as sculptures and were particularly interested in his drawings of the London Underground during the war, and the way blankets curved around the figure and made solid forms. Many of his most abstract sculptures look as if a blanket has been thrown over a figure and he sculpted the solid mass of form and then the holes or gaps between a bent knee or crooked arm.

Following our drawings in 6b, charcoal and chalk and graphite sticks, both small and extra large, we will sculpt in clay. 

Drawing skills with 6b, 2b, graphite stick, charcoal and chalk. Today the challenge was scale - drawing large objects on A2 paper.

Felt-making in Creative Courses with Years 3-6

We have been inspired by the spectacular explosions of fireworks on November 5th and  have used felt to explore this theme.

Now that we understand how to make felt, we will next develop a design on our own theme, for example 'Under the Sea'.


Our inspiration


Following our studies in sketchbooks of under the sea, we used a design to make another felt creation.

Tease out the wool fibres
Start to layer on bubble wrap
Add different colours of wool
Use alternate layers at 90 degrees
Add soapy, warm water
Use natural soap
Now rub using the other half of bubble wrap
Rinse under cold water
Leave to dry

3-d Polar Bear Sculptures

Using plastic packaging as our modelling media, we are sculpting polar bears from a material which ironically is adding to global warming and affecting the polar bear habitat. 


In in sketchbooks we have studied body shapes and proportion and are now ready to sculpt.

We made iceberg settings
We painted our icebergs
We collaged with maps of the arctic
We manipulated cardboard

Wire Sculptures - Butterflies

To compliment our new whole school banner, 'He is Risen', this set of artists have sketched butterflies and improved our observational skills and then developed their drawings into 3-d wire sculptures. Not only art skills have been tested but perseverance, sticking to a task, and not allowing a tricky material get the better of us! Just look at the result! 

The children loved this course
Such commitment and perseverance from Y3
Wonderful drawing skills as well
Mia didn't give up even though it was tricky
Y6 helped the younger children to cut their wire
Amazing sculptures - no assistance from Mrs Kirk
Jayden attacked this task like a professional
At first Katie was worried but look at this!
Improving our drawing skills. We investigated light and shade with 6b, charcoal and chalk and graphite sticks. We arranged a still life collection of candles, fabric, fruit and objects.

Our Amazing Willow Weaving Sculpture!


Following our fantastic willow arch, we used any left over willow to weave willow cobwebs. Then we placed them in the woodland. Maybe some enormous spider will set up home in our webs!! We worked in pairs and, although a challenge to weave, we used dual power to meet the challenge!


In Creative Courses we used the app 'be funky' on the ipads to explore portraits and emotions. Can you guess which emotion we are expressing? We manipulated all the effects available with this app to express specific feelings.

Excited but afraid
We looked at the colours and energy captured by German Expressionist painters. We've tried to improve our digital art by using different camera angles and close ups. We have limited this next work to 8 words; shy, surprised, disappointed, disgusted, petrified, lonely, challenged and inspired. You decide which word have we captured using expressive digital edits and effects.