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The Gallery 2014-2015

Welcome to the gallery!

History Project in Astley Park

Our musical extravaganza performed by class 8, 9 and 10 on strings, with the singing by Young Voices and Last Choir Singing.

Obstacle Course!

Zip,zip,zip have a nice trip!


Giant Swing!

Night Quest and Rock Climbing!

Miss B and Miss B trying to problem solve!

A beautiful day for canoeing!

Team photograph!! Sensible smiles and not forgetting the funny faces!

Night Line!

More Archery!

Crate Challenge!


Trapeze and Night Line

Team Challenge Day 1

Obstacle Course!


Giant Swing!

What an amazing day! Very wet but we've had a fantastic time!

Technology week egg box challenge!

Young Voices 2015

WOW!!!!! What a day and what a night.  Not sure who enjoyed it the most, children, parents or the shy staff!!  It may have lasted a day, however, the memories will last a life time... or until next year!!!


Have a look through the gallery and enjoy!!!

We love our new playground markings. Thankyou PTFA! 
Upper Junior Playground, Classes 8 and 9
Lower Junior Playground, Classes 6,7,and 8

Conker competition!

Class 9 organised a conker competition during lunchtime on the last day of term.

It was a great success enjoyed by all the juniors!


Oversby Winners 2014