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Can you walk on a pool of custard?


Off course, the answer must be no we all thought!  Well, not after our experiment today.  We investigated making cornflour slime, which acts in a very strange way.  Keep it moving in your hand and it acts like a solid, but the second you stop moving it,  it acts like a liquid.  We watched a video clip that showed a man running across a giant pool of this custard like mixture.  


The Science behind it


Cornflour slime is a strange fluid.  When you stir it or hit it, the viscosity of the fluid increases (that means it gets thicker and harder to stir).

The tiny particles of cornflour float around in the water, but when you apply pressure to them they lock together and the slime acts like a solid. Moving your hand more gently through the slime lets the particles move past each other, so that it feels like a liquid.


Getting the mixture just right.
Is it a solid or liquid?
Keeping the mixture moving.
Brave enough for a game of catch!

Making our own lava lamps



Lego Parachutes


The challenge was to design and make the best parachute that would transport our Lego mini figures safely to the ground.  Whose parachute would stay longest in the air?  We quickly realised that we would need to think about the size and shape of our parachute as well as the materials we used.  

Planning our initial ideas.
Starting to make our parachutes.
Testing testing!
It didn't work well- back to the drawing board.
Great success!

Balloon Rockets


We held a competition to see who could make the balloons travel across the string in the quickest time.  We had to investigate how the type, size and shape of balloon would affect how quickly it rocketed across the string.  The quickest time was 0.38 seconds!  It was a hard time to beat! 

Skittles Rainbow Experiment