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Creative Courses

Our Creative Courses are about developing the whole child. It is an opportunity for children to select from a range of courses offered by KS2 staff to try out and find new talents as well as consolidate existing skills. It is a time to investigate and really explore other subjects and mix with all age groups within KS2. Inspired by a teacher's love of a subject, younger children learn from the older ones; positive learning is modelled by them as they themselves take control and make three choices each half term.

Choose from:

Art with Mrs Kirk

Science with Mrs Casey

Dance with Mrs Jenkinson

Gardening with Mrs Robinson 

ICT with Mrs Rayner

Food Technology with Mrs Nelson

Sewing and Textiles with Mrs Taylor



Mrs Jenkinson's Dance Group

We have learnt to do a cha cha with a partner! We know what the basics are, New York's, time steps and shoulder to shoulder is! 


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Still image for this video


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Dance Course

In Mrs Jenkinson's dance course we have learnt the cha-cha! We have have learnt to do it to music and with a partner!

Art Course

We looked at the paintings of George de la Tour and how artists are fascinated by light and shadow. We made observational drawings in the dark of a still life set of objects. We used graphite sticks, charcoal, chalk, 2b and 6b pencils to explore shading. Our group includes Year 3 to Year 6.


We've been inspired by the visits made by our sponsored Guide Dogs to make 3-d sculptures of the dogs. Guess what we have used to make them? Yes - rubbish!! Plastic packaging and carrier bags make the best malleable  material for sculpture, bound together with masking tape and then covered in a layer of PVA and white kitchen towel. We are planning to paint them too. It takes perseverance to create our sculptures but they even have personalities! 

Painting our dogs
Kitchen towel and PVA
Liam and Katie painting
Katie painting 'Sky'
Dylan and 'Fido'
Dia giving 'Milkshake' a finishing coat of paint
Lauren with 'Goldie'
rebecca and 'Woody'
Adam and 'Rodger'
Our sculptures meet the real guide dogs
Adnaan and Felipe with Marley
Rebecca and Woody with Kim
Bailey's 'Treacle' meets Marley
Lima's 'Sleepy' slept through meeting Marley
Our guide dog handlers were so impressed

Art project - Vessels

Made from mod-roc, these vessels have been decorated with themes such as 'Spring', 'Under the Water', 'Shells' and 'Ivy'.

Jessica's 'Conch Shell'
Bethany's 'Spring'
Kayleigh's 'Fish Bowl'
Thomas' 'Amazon Rainforest'
Victoria's 'Ivy'

Drama group. The children worked very hard to produce a the play 'Henry V111'. The school was treated to a superb production at the end of term.

Healthy Eating - for our last week we made savoury rice. It was delicious!

In Art, we have been inspired by the art of Eduardo Paolozzi. We have made a group relief collage and now we've used tools and cogs etc to create a clay relief with indentations from all the shapes. This will dry to make a relief sculpture. We plan to make a plaster of paris plaque using the clay mould.
Inspired by Eduardo Paolozzi
Paolozzi inspired by machines


Learning to play the keyboard
Having fun and learning!
Creative Course for Art - we've looked at landscapes and lily ponds by Claude Monet and this week we've looked at 'Onions' by Auguste Renoir. We're painting with acrylic paint on boards. We're experimenting with dabbing brushstrokes like these Impressionist painters.
Theo's beautiful impression of the sky
Mixing paint in palettes and on the canvas
"Wow this is fantastic," said Ela
Painting outside like Monet
Impressionist artists at work
Look at Lily's concentration
Artists capturing the landscape around school



This term we have made films about five ways to  well being. We have tried to encourage people to think about a healthy and happy lifestyle with these five areas. All the children have developed their film making skills by producing and editing photographs and videos. Enjoy!

Five Ways to Well Being! Video 1

Still image for this video
Film Makers!

Five Ways to Well Being! Video 2

Still image for this video
Film Makers


We are making our own movies!
We've been taking photographs and making videos.
Working together!
Editing our work!

Orienteering Creative Course

They used a map to make a face!!
Yes we did it!
We made our own key to make a face

In our healthy cookery creative course we made mini pizzas. They were delicious!

We worked in groups and followed recipes to make three healthy dips in our cookery course. They were much more tasty than we expected!

Summer berry yoghurt pots.

Fruit Pots.

More fun in the kitchen!