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Peer Mentors

St Peter's School Mentors.


After surveying the children in school, it was suggested that we have a buddy system at playtimes. We took this on board and advertised the position of 'Peer Mentors'. We have now appointed a large group of year 5 and 6 children to become Peer Mentors. They will help to promote positive behaviour on the playgrounds during break and lunch time. The children will be trained in dealing with low level behaviour issues, encouraging new friendships and playing games. We are sure that the appointed children will do a fantastic job of promoting our Christian Values during break times.

Children interested in becoming Peer Mentors this year submitted their application forms to Mrs Taylor.

Peer Mentors have been chosen and today was their first day of training. They acted out different scenarios and we discussed how to deal with each situation.

Our Peer Mentors in training with help from our School Governor Mr Pratt.

Peer Mentors in action! The Buddies can be seen helping children in all our playgrounds wearing blue bibs. They are doing a great job! Well done!